Ability to create surveys in a group

The privacy-oriented e-mail app Threema offers users the ability to create surveys for members of a group - a very useful feature if you want to poll members on a topic.

I think this could be a quite useful feature. Is this something that is under consideration?

Just discovered that Telegram also allows you to create surveys/polls. Useful feature for groups.

there are open questions to it, for example how to represent polls in emails while not annoying email users that might be in the group?

At the moment you can have polls via bots:

Why not use this chance to spread Delta Chat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
E.G. with a hint in the Mail like: " This is a poll. But it only works if you use the DC App"

Just a idea. Maybe a stupid idea :grimacing:

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Well, I think you guys are missing the point. I am talking about groups in DC, ie members have opted in and are all using DC. Not the use of DC as a general mail client - although I don’t see why it could not be used there as well. I do not want to see any gratuitous “marketing” messages.

In the former scenario, the poll can be on anything on when to have a meeting, what to discuss etc etc. In other words, members are already committed to the purpose of the group and its activities.

Again, Threema, a privacy-dedicated e-mail client has that feature, as does Telegram. Possibly others as well which I do not know anything about.

Forgot to add that obviously you cannot use the poll/survey feature in Threema or Telegram unless you are already using the app so that’s a given.

The special thing of DC is you can reach every Mail adresse.
You mail friend don’t need DC and he still can be a member of a group.

So we should keep this in mind.

No, the special feature is that DC allows encrypted communication utilizing an IMAP backend. That requires DC (or compatible encryption software) on the other end.

For non-encrypted messaging using IMAP backend any messaging frontend will do.