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A while ago a colleague of mine (Cuban) decided not to buy mail package for a month, the following month when he reconnected, the number of messages he received, because he apparently was included in quite active groups, in addition to it took several minutes to download almost consumed all your data plan,
Recently, a user restored a previous backup, because by mistake I uninstalled the application and did not remember the email password,
And because of the number of messages he had, all that was left of his data plan consumed him,

Although this does not happen often, it hurts many of us, because it costs us, when something like this happens,

Hopefully in the future we think of something to avoid events like these …

well if you don’t want to download the messages, clean up the inbox before restoring Delta Chat, this is also going to be no issue when the “auto delete” feature is out and your friend will be able to keep his inbox clean :slight_smile:

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just curious how does it goes in Cuba

Why doesn’t wi-fi and stationery connections didn’t save you on all these resync?