Better "Show all Email by default"

offer opt out when receiving emails, requires that we make a distinction between deltachat and email contacts.

This is a message from someone that does not use Delta Chat.
Do you want to keep showing normal Emails in Delta Chat?

You might want to disable this if you use DeltaChat only
for chatting, but also use another email client
on this email account (like thunderbird, k9-mail or webmail).

[Keep All Email] [Ignore All Email in Delta Chat] [Decide later]

This way we would ask the user when starting to use the app, but we delay the decision until there is actually some context, so users can better understand the consequences then if we would ask them during the configuration process.

Distinction between normal MUA and Chat MUA

Like the verified contacts, email only contacts should show an envelope (:email:) icon to indicate that they never used deltachat, the information saved will also be used by core to not send deltachat only stuff (member added / removed, group name changed) to email users, because that could be considered annoying/spammy by email only users. Also we can hide the disappearing messages option for “email only”-contacts (if it is not currently active, you should still be able to turn it off).


Currently Delta Chat also downloads up to 100 existing messages the first time Delta Chat is started. In the worst case you get 100 new chats each of those asking this question. What do we do if the user opens the first chat and clicks “Ignore All Email in Delta Chat”? Should we somehow remove already received emails or just don’t download new ones?

I think if fix: disable `fetch_existing_msgs` setting by default by link2xt · Pull Request #4423 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub will be merged, it’s not so important. It would mean that emails were received either by an older version of DC or by a manual user’s request in the advanced settings f.e. If the latter, i’d vote for leaving already downloaded emails as is. Of course if the user clicks “Ignore all email in Delta Chat”, this question should be hidden away in other chats and probably the corresponding contact requests should be dismissed in the notifications.