Bug report: Huge delay for new messages

K-9 has this hint for its permanent notification. When you click it, it suggests to disable display of this notification.


No, Delta Chat does not use any Google services. For me it notifications work in the background on ungoogled Android 10 too.

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@Hocuri @link2xt

I can confirm that by enabling reliable background connection and disabling permanent notification from the android notifications settings, delta chat continues to work properly in the background. This is something I’ve tested with several other apps besides Delta Chat (WaveUp, K9 Mail, ProximitySensorFix, Telegram FOSS, Conversations and probably others that I don’t remember at the moment) and never had any problems.


Damn, then I’m back to square one with this problem. Over the past weeks I have witnessed the same behavior on this device over and over again. When the DC client is not opened manually, messages arrive somewhere in between a few minutes to several hours delayed. The log never shows any entries in the meantime. It looks like a deep sleep of the app altogether, even though this is disabled in all places I could find with the help of dontkillmyapp.com

What device is it? How much ram does it have? At this point the only thing that comes to my mind is that the process is killed because it runs out of ram, but with devices with 4gb normally should not happen. Maybe if you have 2gb or less of ram and many applications running in the background the problem could be this, even if it’s just a hypothesis (probably wrong if anyway, even after hours, you get notifications. Also i’m not a programmer and i’m not sure how android system manage ram, so my guess could be just stupid)

Hardware should not be a problem, it’s a Pixel4a with 6 GB RAM.

This is really a strange behaviour.
At least around every half an hour you should see an entry in DC’s log when imap connection is renewed.

May you do a trial with my self compiled version?


I think its worth to do a trial.

But when doing this please see this as a complete new installation. No guarantee for your current data! I don’t know about your environment.

With this version you are able to see some logging while imap connection is in idle !!!
This is not the case with official build!

Thanks for this! I am currently on holiday with limited network access. When I`m back, I will try out the version you posted and report back.

did you enabled the permanent notification in Delta Chat?