Classic email listening: "start-chat" metrics for classic email client messages (max. length & newlines)

Hi there,
formal emails have at least 4 newline characters, thus less newlines could identify start-chat email messages, together with a reduced max. character limit of say 250. This “email text” post, for example, has 344 characters, should it prompt a “Start chat?” question, by default, if the “cheers and name” are on a single line instead?

I would say above message is too long for considering it a chat candidate, by default, even if the greeting at the end would only be written on one single line, and thus the message would only have a total of 3 newlines (manual carriage returns).

So it seems to me a maximal length of 250 characters for determining start-a-chat emails may work more cleanly, with less false positives. (Remember that follow up chat-answers may be longer.) It’s just the start-chat threshold. The new email counter icon will still be able to provide the status for any longer emails.

I would even tend to say classic emails that meet both, the 250 character and the 3 newline limit, could default to directly open in a new chat for full backwards compatibility with classic email clients. While meeting only one limit may still trigger the silent “start chat?” prompt.

This should work under each selection of the “Listen for chat-starting messages from?” setting (nobody / known contacts / any contact):

Well, let’s see:

Yes, deltachat will need to limit the email list anyway to something =< 1000 (think of several GB INBOXes), but deleting from the email list first was also a good additional point for: Reduce space on internal storage, disk full

But that’s what Make Contact Requests more visible, is good for.

I see…, both are needed, the email listening rules to open chats for short start-chat messages, shall remove them from the counter, and makes the counter more accurate.

ohh ok, as long as your proposal isn’t mutually excursive with mine I am ok with it :wink:
I was thinking you wanted only use the short messages trick :slight_smile:

Phew… :slight_smile:

Yes, the size+newline limit plus the “Email Icon” should be good complements, for providing start-chat email-reachability while preventing notification noise and providing an accurate email status.

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