Compiling on Fedora


Delta Chat version

Expected behavior

cargo build
cargo build -p deltachat_ffi --release

should succeed. I think? I am a rust beginner. 30 years C/C++ programmer and packager.

Actual behavior
Compiling deltachat v1.45.0 (/home/stuart/src/deltachat-core-rust)

error: reached the type-length limit while instantiating std::future::from_generator::<[s...::SendFuture<'t10, ()>, ()}]>}]>
= note: consider adding a #![type_length_limit="2295845"] attribute to your crate

error: aborting due to previous error

error: could not compile deltachat.

This is a known bug in Rust 1.46:

If you install Rust with rustup, it should respect rust-toolchain file in the repository and compile with Rust 1.45.