Contact verification with deltachat desktop

I’m trying to set up a verified group but have no smartphone available myself. Others also use the desktop-app.
So the question is, if there is any way to verify contacts between dekstops?
I think, I understand the reason why there is no option to go around the scan-QR feature in the UI, otherwise most people would just click OK without actually verifying the contact. And using notebook webcams or similar is probably not as easy as accessing the camera of a smartphone. (Is it planned to implement it in the desktop app?)
But as far as I understand the verification process it would be enough to compare the key fingerprints, available in the encryption Info to each contact. Is it possible to access the deltachat-desktop instance by going though the core-cli and verify a contact manually?

Thanks for your magnificent work! (as far as I can tell, the only way to have an encrypted chat spanning all major OS for now)


It’s already possible to show a QR code with the desktop client, and scan it with a mobile app (at least on Android, not sure whether the iOS app is already capable of that).

But yeah, for desktop -> desktop a verification flow would be good.

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maybe something like similar to the Autocrypt setup message,where users have to enter some numbers, not that comfortable but at least allows to verify is better than nothing :wink:

It can be even easier. Comparing fingerprints is already a quite normal thing with XMPP/OMEMO etc., and also known for PGP users. No need to type in things, you just look at it and swipe or so.

We even have the advantage that we only have one key for all devices, while signal/omemo/wire etc. have a key per device. This was always too much too compare for me. So with our keys it should be a lot less too compare & keep track of.