Crash of the desktop client (current and prior version)

The desktop client crashes immediately after start.

I seams only happens if there is a internet connection.

After a short test it seams not to crash if I disconnect the wifi connection.

I have to investigate a bit more before I create a github issue.

Is there a way to create a log file for the Windows- and the Linux client?

You can start the deltachat executable from the comand line with --debug --log-debug --log-to-console to get more information. Also the logfile will contain more information with those arguments.

--log-debug - set the loglevel to debug
--log-to-console - log to the console window that started it.

Also most of the time you see stacktrace on a rust panic when simply starting in a comand line window (otherwise you wouldn’t see it because the output is displayed nowhere)

Thank you.
I will check it out this weekend.


I have installed deltachat on my windows 10 and it was working smoothly with my email account. But I got a problem while scrolling up the chat, what I have seen is that the chat is repeating itself while scrolling up and I can see one message multiple time and see those messages on different other chats well.
It’s annoying but restarting the app helps me to fix the issue.


That bug is known and we’re working on a fix.