Cut PDF filename in link

I wondered why people told me that they cannot open my attached PDF files I send from desktop Delta Chat version until I found this correction: “Fix overflow in long links inside quotes @naomiceron #2467”. Seems that Android cannot check that PDF reader should be used for the attachment because the .pdf extension was missing in the name or link. On the PC I could still open it from the chat.

do they have a pdf reader app installed on android? (sometimes the answer is in the obvious where you don’t expect it it. so better exclude the obvious first)

Seems that it is a problem with further dots in the filename.

When I try in Desktop version 1.26.0 to add the PDF attachment with the name “xxxxxxxx_2021_Nr.001_xxxxxxxxxxx_vom_31.12.2021_xxxxxxxxxx1142.pdf” it is stripped to “xxxxxxxx_2021_Nr.001_xxxxxxxxxxx_vom_31.12.2021_x” and of Mimetype: application/octet-stream. Also extension “.PDF” is missing.

Normal PDF attachments have Mimetype: application/pdf.

When I rename the PDF file to “xxxxxxxx_2021_Nrz001_xxxxxxxxxxx_vom_31z12z2021_xxxxxxxxxx1142.pdf” by changing the dots to z, it works.

looks like a core issue then.

I created an issue on the core repo to track the issue:

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See also issue