Deleting messages from server

Hi DC Group

Running Delta Chat version 0.20.0

When deleting messages from my servers DelteChat folder I would expect that they also would be gone in my DeltaChat app chat.

What really happens is they are gone from my server but stays in my DelteChat app chat.


Hi @twikedk , thank you for your post - and welcome aboard :slight_smile:

currently messages that are deleted by other user agents or directly on the server and not synchronized with Delta Chat.
i think, this will change in the future, at least, we are aware of this issue :slight_smile:

In my case I don’t want this to happen!! I need the message to be deleted from the server only because space for users is limited on the server, but I would like to keep the messages in DC, honestly, to me don’t have any sense that if you delete the messages on your server using other app they get deleted from DC, if you want to do that delete the message from within DC in the first place!!!

Hello adbenitez,

yes, message handling needs to fit in many requirements to get it right properly. I’ll try to explain how what you require would work based to the functional design devised here (lower level description) [1,2].

New and current messages are planned to get synced between all email(-chat) clients, by default. This for example allows deleting a message on one device, without having to delete it again on all other devices.

If there is not enough space on the server, deltachat is required to automatically delete messages from the server to continue to function (for a minimal solution). But there is the “archived message” feature that will allow deltachat to keep messages on the local devices, independently from what happens on the server. The clients may then auto-archive, if that removes the message from the server.

There would then not be much need to do what you wrote above (manually delete on server), because deltachat would automatically ensure to keep enough free space on the server, while keeping local archives. But it would be possible to delete for example spam from the server, and get that removed from all deltachat clients as well.

Also see the forum thread under "Clear chat" function that contains some relevant explanations and example cases.

[1] [Wiki] Use-cases, chat rules and configuration options
[2] [Wiki] IMAP strategy to chat within the email ecosystem

testbird: that is exactly what I need, I would like delta chat deleted chat emails upon arrival automatically, I just mentioned deleting manually because that was what twikedk was doing, not sure if you understood well my previous message

I think I could understand you, at least there were no dangling questions.

Yeah, if you would like to absolutely minimize the amount of used server space with the designed functions, you may set the number of synced messages to zero on all clients, this would let the default auto-archive remove all chat messages from the server.

NB: The auto-archive might well be done in conjunction with the moving function (, to make use of the same multi-client coordination (delay and action detection).

tesbird: saving my own messages on the server (the equivalent to the novelty “Sent folder”) is also wasting space on my server, also I must pay to my email provider based on the data transferred to the email server so sending a message + sending again that message to a folder in the server is costing me twice the normal cost of a message :frowning:

I don’t know exactly what you mean by novelty "Sent folder"?

The dev version is already only uploading messages once (uses BCC to the own account to put a copy on the server). But it currently still always downloads all sent messages again when they arrive in the INBOX. In the future clients would only need to download the messages sent on other clients.

I will explain in a separated post the detailed situation of Cuban users and they use case.