Delta Chat and Mailtime

Not really a feature proposol - just something for the watchlist.

I just stumbled upon Mailtime.

This seems to be quite similar to Delta Chat - but with a different focus.
If i get it right its about: show all your mails as chat messages.

Which is not really something i would want as i use mail not for chats - where chat to me means: talking about stuff that is not really that important, does not include important info and for that reason conversations/quick talks like that can be deleted after some time (so basically a - guess what - chat).

But anyway - if you haven’t heard of it already - maybe you would like a look.


A time ago I asked my brother to install mailtime in his Iphone, so I could use DeltaChat and him mailtime. Well that didn’t work out, since DC changes the subject every new message I sent, and Mailtime grouped messages/threads by its subject, that didn’t work out as expected.
Now I’ll ask him to install iOS DC :slight_smile:
Anyway it reveals that the subject change at every new message may confuse other MUAs.

it would be cool if Delta Chat could use an static subject, so it will be compatible with this app.
Anyway I think it is a MailTime issue actually, because my webmail groups Delta Chat threads fine, despite the subject isn’t the same, it identifies Delta Chat groups and 1x1 chats in threads, so this is a MailTime issue I guess…

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Even though I have no technical knowledge, I tend to agree it’s mailtime’s issue, since others MUAs group messages adequately.
BTW, I’ve looked for similar apps to DC out there and found out other two that, as DC, are COI partners: a) ox talk; and b) spike. I’m not sure if they’re FLOSS, though…

actually, maybe it is not fault of MailTime, just tested a bit and there are threads splits, and some 1x1 are not threaded :frowning:

About the other apps, if they are no FLOSS is the same as if they don’t exist to me :wink:

(actually ox talk is MPL-2.0 look at

MailTime is, also, AFAIK, closed source.

ohh, too bad :frowning: