Delta.Chat drains battery


Hello @kpleines welcome to the Delta Chat forum!!
Could you please also provide the Delta Chat version you are using??


I am using the regular Delta Chat version from the Google PlayStore which is actualy 0.200.0

Is there perhaps “testing” version downloadable from somewhere to test?


that version was released yesterday and it is up-to-date, for “nightly” releases in the future you can check:

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Thanks for the information.

The screenshot was created last week. So I think it was the last version and not the new release.
If the problem still remains, I will post it here again.

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The 1.8% isn’t bad actually. The warning is just the OS complaining that deltachat keeps idling continuously in the background itself, to allow receiving messages without using the OS’s command and control system.

The percentage gets actually larger the less the OS drains the battery (resulting in longer stand-by times). All the while deltachat’s absolute battery usage is usually already quite low pretty consistently.


here is my actual drain.
Version is: 0.200.0