Delta.Chat interaction with non-Delta.Chat correspondents

When a person who does not use Delta.Chat needs to email me, is there a way that person can cause the email he is sending to me to appear in Delta.Chat on my device? (That is, without me having to set Delta.Chat up so that ALL emails I receive to go into Delta.Chat.)

If I understand this correct (I’m also very new): All you need is the correct Email Header Entry. This could be done by the Email Client sending the mail or any Mail-Server on the way to your device (by a filter)

Oh, ok… Thank you.

Question: What is “the correct Email Header Entry” that they person should be using?

Just answer the message, no special header necessary for answering.

Edit: This only works when you send the first message from DC otherwise it most likely lands in the Deaddrops/Contact Request thingie, because you don’t have their email as DC contact yet.

Thank you Schiminieee, but I think you misunderstand my question.

Say I have, but person A does not.

Suppose person A wants to start a conversation with me.

What, if anything, can person A do so that when the email comes to me, it appears in my appliction?

(But I want to do this without having ALL emails that come to me end up appearing in

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Normal Email Clients not allow you to modify the email header that easily (if at all). If you take a look at the headers send by delta chat, you’ll see the extra headers like:

If you have encryption enabled you have some more entrys from autoencrypt.

If you know the person, you could set the “Show Classic Emails” to “Accepted Contacts” and add this person as contact. This should do the trick without editing email headers at all.

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Install normal email client such as K9mail to process plain emails and leave DeltaChat to process chat’s messages. Better yet, create dedicated email address for Delta Chat only to avoid mess.

@dln949, person A, can’t, if you don’t want to set email interactions to ALL, then set it to “know contacts, only” so only your friends will be able to reply you from classic email clients.

otherwise what you try to do is impossible, because you are are saying Delta Chat to show “chats only”, to ignore classic email, and then you want people to be able to hack Delta Chat to show you classic email with a simple trick.

May I ask why you want person A to set headers instead of asking them to use DeltaChat? (Isn’t setting headers harder than installing deltachat [except of course if person a is on windows, which isn’t compiling at the moment])
If you want to make bots you can use deltachat core for that which has bindings for c, python and nodejs and also features opportunistic encrypted messages.

Anyways the specs are here (though they aren’t updated right away when something in core changes - so look at the core repo if you need the most recent specs)


I guess the idea of of setting headers might not have been what the original poster expected.

What do you think about this idea to determine which messages appear in a new chat (replies alway appear in the chat):

You are correct, playing around with email headers was not what I had in mind.

As @adb said you could try enabling “accepted contacts” in e-mail handling under advanced options. Could you try this and see if it practically works out ok?

There is no option to just enable “show me non-chat messages” for a single recipient/chat. That might be added but it’s a bit the question how UX around this would look like – there is currently work on changing how settings and media for a chat are presented. Afterwards it’d be maybe be more feasible to consider a per-recipient email handling setting.

Isn’t the question about how known email users can reach a deltachat user in general?

Why should your per contact email reception option (only manually for already known contacts, and including ALL long emails) be of interest or a solution here?

It doesn’t seem to allow to automatically receive (short) start-chat email messages, like Classic email listening: "start-chat" metrics for classic email client messages (max. length & newlines).

FYI, a working configuration for using Delta.Chat as an email client with non DC correspondents: