Delta-Chat on Android 2.3.6?

Hi there,
I like Delta-Chat on my privat phone very much and i would like to use it on my work phone as well. But it’s very old and runs under Android 2.3.6.
Is it possible to compile a version of Delta-Chat for it?
Would be great.
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hi @Kanten, welcome to the forum

the oldest “officially” supported version is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14 from Oct 2011 - and there are discussions to even raise this one)

as there were huge API changes between Android 4.0 and older version (eg. the material design was introduced iirc), i fear there are only very small chances that the app will even compile on Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread, API 10, Sep 2011). i think it is not worth the effort.

but, of course, you can use another email client there and communicate with the delta-world this way.

Whats about a future legacy version?

Have to say I found it really sad that for some superfluous GUI experience some apps don’t work in old Android versions, but well it is the world we live where people look to appearance rather to functionality and speed and if Delta Chat don’t follow that path people will complain about it looks outdated.
Maybe if some developers affected by this could make a Delta Chat Lite version minimalist that just do what it must to do to be able to chat.

IMHO using a phone with Android 2.3.6 for work (and also privat) is a security desaster.

Im not absolutely sure. But I think the last security patch was more the 5 years ago.

So I never would trust a long time unpatched OS at all.

Maybe you should have a talk with your boss to get a newer (and much more secure) phone :wink:

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that is ok in this situation, but all people I know that use an old phone is because they simply can’t afford to buy a new phone, but well maybe supporting old Android version is a waste of time anyway…

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Same case.

That is completely understandable. I only had the slight hope that it is not such an effort.

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That’s a good idea, normally bosses are always afraid of security gaps … :sweat_smile: