Delta steals group mails from *inbox!*

Delta Chat version
Android 1.8.1

Expected behavior

Put to DC folder group messages only when it’s replies to messages sent from DC.

Actual behavior

I used DC for quick answer on a hot topic in a thread, and then all lengthy emails were stollen by DC to its’ folder.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Answer to a group thread with Delta.
  2. Lose all your following discussion from the inbox.

I don’t know if I’m still in Delta target user segment, but I need a chat to solve some quick hot things, and emails for thoughtful discussions.

And as much I hate big posts and endless chatting on complex topics in Tg, as much it’s hard for me to use Delta for all my email. It’s a brilliant companion to burst out some urgent messages, but sorting out the folder for important messages afterwards is really painful.

Maybe I do something wrong, and you can advice me to a solution for this?

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you can disable the moving of the mails to the DeltaChat folder and then create filter rules on you mailserver/mailprovider to have other move logic.

Or/and you can create a feature request for this use-case, which would probably be a sub option of Move mail to DeltaChat folder that says something like: Don't move mixed(chat/email) conversations.
This option would then only appear/be visible when "Show classic email is not “No, chats only”

And we could also probably say that this should be the default behavior.

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“move only if replies to chat messages”. could still be problematic, i.e. if you write two messages in a row (the second would be a reply to your own first, and thus qualify for moving). You can try to refine the rule to get what you’d like it to but incoming messages can also have somewhat random orders.
Maybe one could leave all “ad-hoc” groups out from moving – so groups that were not originally created by a DC client. Let’s try to avoid introducing yet more options if it can be at all avoided. The Watch/Move options are already somewhat intimidating and confusing, especially in multi-device settings.

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Can’t see the problem here yet. Man starts a chat with people on email thread which concerns a quick topic, then people return to long discussion. This simple approach (answer to a Delta chat message) let separate these with enough precision to be useful.

In general my love for mail chat client (and I don’t aware of other aside DC) is that you don’t need another system or account for chatting and solving quick questions. (The times of jabber, please come back!) This ubiquity that was mentioned for a long time.

Now I need to check Delta folder to be sure it didn’t catch a message from a long thread. It degrades my communication, so I’m going to disable Delta moving of messages. As we didn’t come to another solutions. Then Delta messages will begin to pile up at Inbox and I will need separation.

The question is what would be simpler: to gradually debug rules in my server and different clients or just abandon Delta and use Tg, Tox and other, leaving email just for mails. It’s a question of how enthusiastic should the user be.

P.s. I don’t know why, but I just understand that started to use Delta less since 2018. =(