DetalChat App displays emails without "Chat:" keyword in Subject

Hi All,

here is a behaviour I recently observed with my DeltaChat App on Android 8

Delta Chat version

Expected behavior
DeltaChat should only display emails which have the keywork “Chat:” in the subject.

Actual behavior
DeltaChat app displays “general” emails from contacts (who are also contacts for DC Chats) which are sent to me in copy and have no keyword “Chat:” in the subject in the DeltaChat App as a chat message. Since the email is also received by the regular mail app (K-9) I get multiple notifications for those incoming emails.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. DC contact sends some general email with a generic subject line and with my DC-enabled address in copy to someone.
  2. This email is received both by the DC app and the regular email client app

Screen snapshots

Debug logs

Has anyone observed a similar behaviour? Any help and support is appreciated. Thanks!

You reported some known problems.
The filtering is not based on the subject prefix Chat: ... to allow answers of any format from classic email clients. Instead, it is based on header meta-data, which should mostly work, except the missing filtering to show only specific chat-staring messages, instead of all received emails from the allowed contacts.

Would the linked method work to filter out those non-chat emails in your case to some degree?:

Are the messages replies of a known contact, to a chat message from you, that got forwarded by another known contact?

In this case the in-reply-to ID may not match the one-to-one chat of the sender (rather the one-to-one chat of the forwarder).

Sorry, my last post about the in-reply-to doesn’t seem relevant to your case, looks like it’s an ad-hoc group creation (due to the known sender).

Well, an email-listening filter would be your solution then. Would it let your messages through with max. 250 characters and max. 3 newlines limits? Or prompt before opening a chat (if only one conditions matches)?