Don't change the subject

Expected behavior

I could chat with company’s using a Ticket-system

Actual behavior

Every chat creates a new Ticket because the Subject changes.
If needed add only “chat:” to subject but do not change the rest of the subject.
For this Feature Request it should be possible to have a Chat title and also a possibility to split a message from a chat into a separate chat.

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Using the subject for the -[] chat text | is useful for chatting with contacts that use classic email clients, but there was just a good idea for an “Email” tab that would allow using classic email subjects seamlessly integrated into deltachat. Add setting to show all people in DeltaChat

I get more and more that there have to be done something on the Subject. The current Handling is not acceptable. I would like to have a title request on the first message. I need the possibility to start a Chat with the look alike from a normal mail.