🚮 Download email from server as zip via app and clean-up possibilities

Good Team, developers, user

to mention a thought in regard of still not found good way to get data-mess solved.

While the function “delete messages from server” seems to fit well for cleaning up, two issues raise concern:

  1. When remember right it says “All emails (incl non-DC) would be deleted.” (maybe just those which DC is aware?)

  2. here the “feature”: if there would be the possibility to download all first via DC “do you like to download all first before activating function”.

Further, as elsewhere mentioned before: the recipients mail make a lot of memory occupation and there is hardly a way to even filter them out via MUA (since multilingual). What if, if not a general setting (option) to clean up with already stored infos, doing so on command found under the broom-menu.

Such a broom-menu could also provide other features like

  • deleting selected chats incl. it’s messages on server,
  • import, export email…
  • and delete messages from blocked contacts on server.

(…just thought of who would take care of the many trash is produced by my person here… like always: no request or demand but just share of thoughts, please)

(Maybe a work-around (?) meanwhile: move all mails from inbox or other folders to temporary folders and then back cause (if observed right) that app downloads all old emails (attachments as well?) as well (at least incoming ones). When done so, cleaning server. At least a backup via store on device is made, possible to back-up for dc uses as well. If observed, investigated not so well, then at least a cleaning up has been made now. Maybe an action downloading all old, not downloaded yet, emails of all folders before setting “delete from Server” would be enough in this “backup” regard.

It seems that the setting needs a while till executed (~300mb 5000 messages in test) Still in “update”-modus after 30 min.)

If there would be a “delete all messenges from server after download to app”-option possible, such would be “handy”, not needing much server resources at all, small inbox :mailbox_with_no_mail:

Useful possibility for maintenance would be also:

  • Delete messages from server after x-time when readed (saved on device)
  • And of course, setting possible for each chat.

If not using it as a simply radical way, delete only distinguished by age does not make much sense when (especially) not always using DC and only DC. Server serves as temp-store generally, in regard of messages, like a physical mailbox is usually not used as archiv. One wouldn’t order another to trash ones mailbox periodical (un-read). Currently on is merely bond to use ones mailbox as archive or be daily busy using DC.

Additional delete possibilities would be good such as:

  • When deleting a conversation from the app, option to delete mails also from the server, either single selected or more.
  • Option to select “all” messages in a chat/conversation to progress further with the selected.

And, as incl. in the topic of cleaning up:

  • Clean up secondary messages (like recipient infos), maybe even automatically, if set.

Given the great tool of displaying memory use: it maybe misses way to react, first maybe suggestions and second (as many dc-user here use email only with DC) possibility to act when full.

Maybe important for understanding: most future user, if good progress, wouldn’t be familiar with classical email, maintenance or use other clients (80% of potential users world-wide, especially old world).

Better maybe ‘simply’ an option “delete messages from server after read” and a :put_litter_in_its_place: or broom icon on a message cleared from server would do maybe well as well.

(a just thought to share those thought)

Thought to refresh the topic on cleaning up possibilities on:

Maybe a option that incl. deletion from the server as well, for deleting chats would be of interest (not for hidding up intention thought through, but simply for lighten store, resources and sorting things wished to carry/burden on further).

Also again reminder that many system-messages possible cause endless dirt, energy-use and burdens.

Something like periodical trashing them would be maybe useful, or producing periodical a "collected system