... downloading Delta Chat for android?

… in the past i downloaded Delta Chat (apk) everytime from this link:

but since may there was no update, should i use now the nightly builds:

The newest “non-nightly” builds are available here: https://download.delta.chat/android/ . (The current version available for Android is 1.10.4.)

this is not true, there is eg. Delta Chat 1.10.4 from 25-Jun-2020 - unfortunately not sorted to the end of the list but somewhere in between…

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Nightlies are signed with a different key, requiring a backup and fresh reinstall every time.

As said above, stable versions are still there in https://download.delta.chat/android/, you can continue downloading them there.

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If you want automatic updates, you could use F-Droid instead. Just be aware that you may not get updates very fast.