Email password visible in account settings

In the account settings, it is possible to toggle the password to visible.
There should be at least an unlock request here, just like there is for exporting private keys.
The account password is obviously very sensitive information in general, and when using autocrypt.

hi @MartinS84 - first of all - welcome aboard :slight_smile:

i think you report is about deltachat-desktop? in android/ios, the option to toggle the password is removed on “view account”.

I forgot to mention the version.
The latest version on f-droid is 0.510.1, the option is there at settings / your profle info / password and account settings.

But i just tried the google play version (1.1.2) and the option is removed :slight_smile:

thanks for coming back to the issue, yes, the f-droid-version is pretty old, we cannot recommend using 0.510 series at all. hopefully, there will be an update on f-droid soon :slight_smile: