Error: message file to big (voice-rec)

Good D-team, developers, user,

having encountered the error “message file to big” because voice was recorded in folder/chat “saved messages”: is there

  1. a way to get the file anyway out of delta-chat environment and use it further.
  2. How to avoid such happening (possible unwished behaviour?) ?

Any hints are appreciated, of course.

your email provider ( rejected.

Appreciation for hint, good K Kimber. Not proved this because having had thought to simply save in “saved messages” which obiviously tries to save on ones sever as well.

Thought “saved messages” good for drafts and records, maybe even if off-line.

The file size is only 13 Mb, maybe ask admin to increase the limit?

You can try changing media quality from “Balanced” to “Worse” in the settings. Android will reduce audio bitrate in this case and you will have smaller files, but this also affects image and video quality.

My person had placed info (of topic here) on it, so that it could be changed if inspired to, Sadhu good master link2xt.

First thought not able, file could be exported. Maybe ‘just’ a device ‘problem’ but hard to act with the app when big files are touched (copy, forward…), even if just text, maybe 10 pages+. Often encounter long loading/re-reaction times, sometimes app even dies off.

(Would be maybe anyway nice/useful, if this kind of “saved messages” could be used for off-line store, such as memos, even records, drafts…, currently not possible.)

You can long-press on the bottom of the message (where the date is) to select it and then save it outside of the Delta Chat application to use elsewhere.

Via the "action-menu"s various possibilities, yes, if right. (Just seeing missing “share” possible for medias)