Fastest server-side implementation to self-host Delta chat?

I am an Iranian perosn who has been using Delta.Chat during internet blackouts, to have rather secure communication with friends and family.
I used to self-host an email server in Iranian VPS and then my users were able to communicate easily using Delta chat, however, I faced a few problems.
First, messages took a while (like half a second or more) to be sent and received. It was slow and not convenient for everyday use.
Second, Mailu has an anti-spam feature that I don’t need since my users just communicated with each other, this anti-spam feature (rspamd) also took a log of who has sent who messages. I couldn’t disable this feature.

What is, in your opinion, the fastest way to self-host delta chat, I don’t care about any other feature except that it is fast, secure (no logs) and reliable.



hi, maybe try mail-in-a-box, I am not sure about logs, but it is simple/fast and if any logs are recorded sure they can be disabled


Why or in which situation is one second a problem for transmitting a message?

Thanks! @adbenitez
The problem with mail-in-a-box is that it’s heavily dependent on an OS that I don’t use.

@hpk It’s called instant messaging for a reason. Part of my contacts/users are people who if the time they have to wait for every message to be sent passes a certain threshold, would rather switch to insecure apps made by the Iranian government. And I don’t want that to happen.

How precisely did you measure the speed? Which iranian messenger are you using that is faster?
How fast is eg signal when it works?

I can’t measure the speed precisely but it’s about half a second at its best. Sometimes it was so bad that a screenshot of my messages on, was received by my friend on Telegram (using a VPN), sooner than the messages themselves.
Unfortunately the latency is so high (like I said half a second or more) that each and every messenger is faster.

I am hoping this latency is due to my server-side implementation, If you think that half a second is normal and other people are experiencing the same kind of delay on other mail server software, then maybe I should look for solutions other than
On my other VPS I ran a Matrix server and it doesn’t have the same kind of latency, but for many reasons I prefer and would rather use it.

do you realize that if it takes to arrive half-a-second that is “super fast” right? how could someone complain “oh no! I waited half a second for your message!” :slight_smile:

it is email, it is hard to try to get it working as fast as other IM platforms because it is not intended to be IM, but the time usually is fast enough, from 1-5 seconds is good enough and fast actually, in the email federation usually could take longer to be delivered, but since it is users talking in the same server with small amount of users, it could be fast, you sure can make tweaks like disabling server-side virus and spam scanning etc. but if the speed is already around 1 second I wouldn’t mind investing too much time in further optimizations

side note: for me Telegram works slower than Delta Chat, it is fast once it is connected, but it takes a lot of time to connect, and if you have an unstable connectivity, then it will lost connection and need to reconnect often so messages usually take a lot of seconds to send, and incoming images take a lot to be downloaded and usually fail to download in the middle of the process, it is a real painful situation and Delta Chat works so much better and faster for me

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