Forwaded message: info on origin

Valued Team, developer, user,

my person mentioned the lack of citation of origin of a forwarded message already because citing of origin is not only a matter or right conduct, proper speech, and even demanded by copy right regulations, it also limits the practical use of the “saved message” folder, where one could deposite messages for later reply.

Info such as Chat (subject) and last original sender would be proper to give for every forward message.

Or, as maybe already having technical ways, a “show full message” option for forwarded messages like for “maillist”-messages.

the removal of the original author is on-purpose, to protect privacy (“saved messages” is an exception here, agree). there were lots of discussions about that in the early days, in fact, the very first version leaked the name.

in general, “forwarding” in “messengers” remove the original author, whereas “forwarding” in email does not - but in classic emails, you can edit that by had, which is not possible/wanted in the flow of most messengers.

therefore, we voted for privacy. it is possible to ask the sender about the original author, so there is only a little inconvenience. the damage of unwanted leakage of data, might be much more real and larger than a little inconvenience.

In Telegram it does not, and channel authors frequently leak their sources (or even their own account in case of “anonymous” channels) accidentally by forwarding messages from private conversations to their channels.

Maybe an option of “remove” origination, author, by the user would pervent from making what isn’t proper at first place but simply allows such, when there are other reasonable issues to hide author, origin, deprive consciously from credits, actually basical “rights” in regard of owner-ship. Sure, there is a huge tendency wishing to deny that lose happens by copy things, ending just there when gotten deprived by oneself.

Or if thinking otherwise as traditional, giving those not wishing to count origin and author to enable it by will. It’s hard to manage forward in a way that origin and context can be traced, as not even allowing a comment on such paste, of which could already give ways for those wishing to follow ‘formal’ and not defusing ways of share.

To give possible fixation some arguments to consider possible inbetweens, deltas.