Forward issue (possible bug)

Good team, developer,

using the option of forwading messages: after having forwarded it seems as if the progress does not end, keeping the copied messages in cache. When closing apo, opening again, one gets again the chatlist to select where to forward, and this time “saved messages” is displayed on the top of the list. At least, this phenomena, appears in serial nighly versions.

May it be a useful feed-forward.

Hi, it is intended behavior because forwarding to “Saved messages” means forwarding to self. Basically, it is a substitute for saving a draft.

In that case, good Gerry Francis, the bug arises before the intended behaviour, at least on my persond device and serial nightly versions.

Clicking forward would give the chat-list without “saved messages” on the top. When paste, closing app later (actually the app dies off after 1. paste action), open, once again one is given the chatlist, the previous message still in carche, now having “saved m” on top. So primarly it’s looking to paste 2 times if not abound.

I have different behavior, “Saved messages” is on top when I want to forward a message. Which version of Delta Chat are you using currently?

It appeared with nightly versions since february, good Gerry Francis, now using the version from yesterday. First copy&past leads to list like this, the dies off after chosing chat and paste, and suggest another time with “saved messages” on top.

Cancle the first round leads also to dying off of the app.

What do you mean with “dying off”? Does the app crash?

It closes, good Gerry Francis at least from the screen. Not sure if crashing totally, since no error message and still choseable under the opened apps. When opening again, “saved message” is at the top and once again possibility to paste another time into a chat.

That would mean that the app is crashing, which is a bug of course. Would you mind to send an anonymized log to me in a private message, so I can take a look at it? (To save a log file, please select “Settings” from the three-dot menu, then “Advanced” and “View log” (on the bottom). Then, please select “Save log” from the three-dot menu.)

Not at all, good master Gerry. Will arrive soon. Sadhu for patiently care, going through possible hardships by lack of technical language of mine.

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Master Gerry Francis after some exchange over pm:

Thank you again, but I am sorry for not finding the root cause of the issue.

Could you explain what exactly you mean with pasting? Where do you paste anything? Usually the forwarding process is as follows:

  • Mark a message by long-tapping on it.
  • Select the arrow that directs/points to right in the grey toolbar on top.
  • Select the recipient you would like to forward the message to.

And that’s it, basically. There should not be anything to paste, e.g. in a field.

I would like to anonymize your latest log and file an new issue with it on Github to inform the developers about the crash. But please let me know before/after which of these steps the app stops. The developers would be very glad to receive detailed instructions on how to make this crash happen.

For now, let’s end this private conversation and get back to your public thread, so please post your instructions there. Thanks!

As replayed:

The “paste” process as perceived by user, once selected a message:

  • select chat/contact (list hasn’t “saved messages” at the beginn)
  • (when opened) confirm “paste” in a window

and after having done till here, when clicking the arrow to leave the chat, after paste, the app crashes. When then opening, sometimes the “forward…” progress waiting on selecting, whould be again present.

May good master make use of what ever shared for what ever good purposes. No need to worry about taking on something which would be hold on by my person. What ever thinking good and not intended to harm has it’s approve, and there are no secrets contained.

deltachat-log-20210415-210654.txt (12.1 KB)

OK, this is the anonymized log. I have recognized that you are using Android 4.4.2, and I am with Android 10. It could turn out that the process to forward a message is quite different on your device, I do not know. Maybe a developer could chime in to confirm/deny that…

Sadhu for all generouse efforts, good Gerry Francis.