Generate link preview

It would be nice to have option to generate link preview (link card) on sender client side, and send it to receiver of message. Benefit is that receiver would be able to glance and read description before clicking on link.

Here are a few examples of link preview:

Is there plan for feature like that? I couldn’t find anything searching forum.


This feature generally works by fetching the URL and extracting OpenGraph metadata. There are privacy issue with this feature. Since Delta Chat does not have its own servers, it cannot proxy requests to the web, so each time you type in an URL a request to it will be made from your own client. This could be implemented as an opt-in feature of course, but now nobody is working on it right now.

The next series of releases will contain an HTML view feature and the latest version of SimpleBot can generate HTML previews for links posted in a group chat. Maybe @adbenitez can comment if it is published already and if it requires latest/experimental core.

yes it requires the experimental core, that can be installed with step 3 from:

the plugin for the previews is

or you can use an already running bot:

send any of them a URL to a web page, image or file, and you will get an html email with more than a preview, I would call this “instant view” like the Telegram’s
you can add some of these bots to a group and when someone sends a text with an URL it will send the “instant view”