Getting "message delivered" messages delete from server possible?

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not sure whether those informative emails of delivery are still required after the info about it meets the app on the device.

Since possible producing a lot of storage use, would it be possible to delete them manual at the delta-folder on the server without effecting the apps status record once done?

Are there, if such isn’t a problem, other ways to avoid large amount of server space by those info mails (aside of simply disable info)?

Read receipts are also used by other devices to display read status, so they can’t be deleted immediately. Read receipts will be deleted after some time if you enable “delete messages from the server” setting, but this setting also affects ordinary messages.

Maybe such (delete after time-period) would be possible for receipts even by default, good Master Link2tx? If other clients work likewise to store the info elsewhere after having received, it would probably not matter (maybe in juristic cases such mails are of use, not sure).

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Makes sense, as occasionally missing read receipt for old message is likely not important at all.

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