Global use-able "Community-messenger" development

Valued Delta-chat team, valued developers,

as for my persons case, it would be interesting to know how much it would take to make app - extions which would serve a global and most independent communication, yes even teaching, tool, for the community of monks and their follower, and useable for all good, not harming or trading purposes. One can say a voluntary, or charity tool.

Some things required:

As the gift has actually high potential and being a perfect tool for online teaching as well, my person would like to ask what it would take to make a real access-able tool for the Sangha and for good purposes.

What, how much, would such developent take if making use of skilled developer?

Things to add:

  • Key-carrier: A kind of password and data store and manager (maybe similar like certain existing “autoregister-helper”. Important to have telephon no. as primary key.
  • Server-supplier: auto-register on a chosen or given email-server (gaining address and serverspace) maybe some bots.
  • Portalpage: guiding to ones key-carrier and server-supplyer, links to ones main applications (here: forum.sangham, sangham, sangha-messenger, but open to add (in connection with key-carrier)
  • Import/export of contacts and administration, incl. managing of contact-groups.
  • Layout, logo
  • small performance works

Making thinks easy change-able, the app can be a perfect working tool, even possible to run a whole school-system, not to speak of management, yet dependency limited and free chose-able.

(As neither using money, nor order use or let others carry, suggestions are selected for those being inspired and seeking a way to organize such for the Sangha and their follower. Ways of exchange or trade with the receiver are also not in proper sphere. My person trust that such question is nevertheless not disturbing and welcome, and of course ideas can be used as one wishes to.)