Group Postings only possible on PC, not on Android

Delta Chat version

Windows: 1.4.3
Android: 1.10.4

Expected behavior

When I want to send a message in a group, the message gets send to every group member.

Actual behavior

On Android: An error appears and the message is not send. Some seconds later, the message appears and a circle is shown, that seems to say, that the client is trying to send a message, but it doesn’t work. On windows sending works without problems.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. I type in a message
  2. I send it
  3. An error appears (see screenshot)
  4. Message appears with a circle, that shows, that the app is trying to send it.

Screen snapshots

Debug logs


deltachat-log-20200708-200111.txt (26.8 KB)

Looks like an android bug to me. is this bug only occurring on groups or always when you try to send?

Also the log you send doesn’t contain the error, if you have sensitive info in the log and don’t want to post it here, you can also send it to

The error message reminds me a bit of maybe it is also a missing value in the database.

From the log @Christoph sent per email:

W DeltaChat: src/ chat: failed to load peerstates: Sql(InvalidColumnType(1, "addr", Null))
E DeltaChat: Failed to send message: Sqlite Error: InvalidColumnType(0, "authname", Null)

This looks like a broken database to me, so to solve it I would suggest to import an backup from your desktop. But please make a backup from your dc on your phone before doing that so if we have further questions about this bug we can still ask you do check things in the database, I won’t ask you to share the database with me, because it contains too many of your secrets, like your private key.

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hi @Christoph

at a first glance, the issue looks like a broken database, indeed.
or maybe a rare code path, triggered by some of the email-addresses/names/keys.

  • is that reproducible with other group members or with smaller groups? a group with only you? maybe one of the members is the reason for the problem.
  • is that reproducible with another account? (you can add a new account by using “Switch account”)

that’s what i would try to test :slight_smile:

I know from @Christoph that he and a friend of him who also uses Delta Chat had to update from (an) earlier version(s):

I cannot check/test an update from an earlier version right now, but it could be a hint to follow…

I have now imported a backup and now it seems to work on android again. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for reporting back. When you experienced the bug, did it occur right after the update from version 1.8.1 to 1.10.4, or did group postings work first, but failed after some time?