Groups DC Where is the first not readed message

Just an idea. It is not easy to find where is the first not readed message in a group because always the possition is the last.

Like other apps would be very good if the position begins at the first not readed message.


yes, something should be done here.

another idea is to have a marker “new messages” above the first unread message.


Since I a member of your test group I miss the “new message mnarker” as @rs10 mentioned.

If I switch on my phone in the morning there are sometimes 20 messages or more.

Without the marker it’s hard to find the first new message.

I also would like it at all. It happens often that I read only the last message vof 1to1chats because I didn’t realize there ar another small message above :dizzy_face:
In Threema I never miss a message this way.

Is there someone who work on this feature?

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as far as i know, noone is working on that just now, but i think everyone agrees, this is an important thing.

as this issue appears for all systems, first of all, it should be checked out if the core already provides the needed information - if not it should provide them.

Thank you for your reply.
It would be really great to see this feature.

core does provide methods to check the count of “fresh” messages in a chat and to mark them as noticed, that is used to display the badge counter in the client apps I guess, the android version even has the “X new messages” marker already, only that it is show in some particular situations, the only missing part is to call the “show marker” function when a chat is opened

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Since this work in current nightly (Index of /android/nightly/) this topic can marked as solved I suppose :+1:

I think the other platforms (desktop at-least) doesn’t have this feature yet. Not sure whether we should already mark features as solved when only one platform has it.


Sorry, but I have no marker there and loose track of the first not readed message all the time. I try to prevent the autoscoll down by quickly touching the display and wiggle with my thumb after sending a message. Its anoying.