How can I change the subject line?

Hi @all,

how can I change the subject line text from chat to another word?

Nobody write a Mail with “chat” in the subject line

Thanks XAntares

Hi and wellcome in the forum!

Currently there is no way to change te subject.

There are already discusions about the subject lines.

About the word “Chat” I think it’s not that bad.

If I reply a message the mail will marked as “Re:”.
Forwarded Mails will marked as “Fwd:”.

And mails are part of a chat will marked with “Chat:”.
So everybody will see, this mail is part of a chat.

Delta Chat useres will not see the subject at all.

Sorry for my bad english :wink:

Wir können auch deutsch schreiben :wink:

Könnten wir.
Aber hier tummelt sich ein recht internationales Publikum.
Da ist englisch (und sei es noch so schlecht) die bessere Wahl :slight_smile:

This forum is international.
So it’s better to write in english.

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it’s also ok to occassionally use non-english i think :slight_smile:

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