How to re-establish secure connection

Delta Chat version

  • Desktop - Linux: 1.26.0
  • Mobile - Android: 1.26.2

Expected behavior

I would like to re-establish secure/encyrpted chat with my contact.

Actual behavior

We used secure chat with my friend who has Delta Chat installed. Then he replied to an unencrypted classic email from me. Since that time, I can not re-establish secure connection with him. I tried to create a new chat, but it still remains unencrypted. I made sure that I have Autocrypt end-to-end encryption preferred in my settings. Is there any way how to switch back to secure chat?

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. create a secure connection with another Delta Chat user
  2. send unencrypted message to the user through standard e-mail client
  3. ask him/her to reply
  4. send few messages and check their encryption status

You can scan their QR code and then create a new verified group with only you and your chat partner (via the plus in the lower right corner > “New Verified Group”).

This also has the advantage that you can be sure that your provider or your friend’s provider isn’t actively manipulating the cypher text in order to break the encryption (MitM-attack). (Obviously someone could still hack one of your devices or do some other attacks).

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