I did not add to the contacts, the members of the groups

Currently delta.chat is automatically added group members to contacts, I consider this an error. We are talking about privacy all the time and this,
I consider, can say that this is lack of privacy.

Someone can add me to a group and as it is not of my interest I go out but already all the members of the group have my email in their contacts.

That is because currently the “groups” may better be called “peer groups”, or “recipient lists” or maybe “distribution rings/circles”, because they are based on simply placing all addresses in the To: field.

Withholding the address from other recipients may require introducing some degree of gate keeper positions, either in the form of support for mailing list servers and its administration, or introducing deltachat support for BCC groups with distributeable admin positions

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Forgive me, I may not explain myself well, or I may not understand your answer.

I will try again.

When we enter a group, and open the profile of the group, we can see all the members of the group there, that’s fine.
But what I don’t see well, is that all the members of that group automatically go to the Delta Chat contact list.
Which is accessible from the + button in the chat list.

You can leave a group, and completely remove the Chat from that group, but all the email addresses of its members will be in the Delta Chat contact list.

I hope I have explained myself better this time …

at least delta chat could aviod showing addresses of peers in the contact list, just because I share a group with them, that can be noisy

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Maybe it would help to indicate where the contact came from, generally I only search the contact list so having many isn’t a big deal for me.

I see, but never listing the group peers in the list of known contacts seems to be inconsistent and introduce problems, like group peers not being able to reach you in a direct one to one chat. It’s not quite an address book.

But because deltachat already keeps track of the “origin” of the address, maybe this could be a solution:

When removing a group, maybe one could optionally choose to also remove those peer addresses (maybe a selectable list) which were only known due to the group messages (i.e. no further contact) from the list of known addresses.

I have a user who only had 4 contacts, did not want or need more. I added it to a group with 80 members …

The lady did not come to claim for the group of 80 members, in the end it is only 1 more chat. She claims me for the amount of unwanted contacts I had on her list of known contacts.

If this is necessary for the proper functioning of Delta Chat, well, so be it.

But, if not, then just add it to contacts, when 1x1 communication is established between group members.

I think only addresses from the local address book should be visible in Delta Chat.

All other should be hided IMHO.

Maybe a option “show all DC contacts” or “show only contacts from address book”.

And maybe in somewhere in the chat view (ore where ever) a option "add DC contact to the local address book.

What do you think?

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So ;
A menu is the list of known contacts with 3 options:

1 Show mobile contacts.
2 Show DeltaChat contacts
3 Other contacts.

1: Shows only the contacts in the phone book contacts.
2: Show only contacts known to Delta.chat
3: Shows contacts that come, for example, from groups, that do not belong to known contacts.

By default 1 and 2 activated.

Group 3 contacts, you might have some option to add it to known Delta Chat contacts (Group 2)

The contacts of groups 3 must be deleted if they are deleted, the chats of the groups to which they belong …

(I am not proposing names for options…)

Two checkbox options for items to “show/hide in the list of known contacts” might work:
[ ] (device) address book entries
[ ] group referred contacts (possibly many)

However, allowing to actually delete “group origin” addresses from the known contacts again when a group gets deleted would still make sense, to avoid creating a mess and allowing to clean up.

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I agree with you @testbird.
I Proposed 3 options because, someone had already requested to differentiate phone contacts with those of Delta Chat before.

I don’t know, do you see something may be missing?

The two checkboxes should allow 2²=4 setting combinations, so one more than a three option menu. I think if nothing is selected, then only the deltachat “main” contacts would be listed.

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