Inconsistent behavior among clients

Both my Linux desktop client, and my android client, have encryption set to “off”. I also have it set NOT to move emails to the delta chat folder, and I have classic email set to “chat only”.

If I send a message from within the desktop delta chat client, that message that I sent appears in both the desktop client and the android client. As I expect and desire.

However, if I send a message from within the android client, two strange things happen:

  1. All messages that I send from the android client are always duplicated within the android client. Why is that?

  2. The messages that I send from the android client do not appear in the desktop client at all. Why is that?

You can read this thread to get an idea.
Shortly, here is people who wants DC behave like both - email client and chat application and here also are people like me, who think that email and chat are different things with different logical properties and shouldn’t be mixed together. While DC using under the hood email protocol, it called and behave like The Chat, not full blown email and this is DeltaChat uniqueness - exchange with short messages without cluttering user interface with normal email’s properties like threading, subject, to, from, cc, bcc and so on.
Attempt to behave like email and chat client in the same time IMHO creates technical issues/incompatibilities that rise questions “Why is that?”.

AlexJ, I wonder what has that to do with what dln949 is facing???

looks like a bug

Do you have set the same settings in the android- and on desktop-app?

Thanks Schiminieee.

I don’t know how to answer your question, “Do you have set the same settings in the android- and on desktop-app”, because the menu of settings is not the same on both apps. So, I guess the literal answer to your question is, No, they are not the same, but they cannot be the same. But I have a feeling that is not what you meant.

Exactly which settings on each app are you asking about?

The settings about moving to delta-chat folder and the ones about watching folders.

both apps have the exact same settings: Watching all three folders, and NOT moving messages to the delta chat folder.

Strange… which versions of the applications do you have?

This also happened on 0.20 to some friends with a gmail account but some of them also have no problem. I don’t follow all the changelogs, then I have no idea.

Desktop: 0.102.0=PREVIEW
Android: 0.304.0 (

(In answer to @Simon’s question.)

Oh I’m sorry outlook is one of the few providers that don’t work.
See Provider Overview and

Outlook seems to have an header white list that removes all email headers that are not on it. And the delta chat headers aren’t on their white list yet.

I recommend using a different email provider, check the Provider Overview to see which ones are known to work with deltachat.