"Last seen" and online status

Good team, developer, user,

gotten known the new generous feature of display such info, the thought arose: What if it (the info) would not only get nourished by chat replays but also by recipient feedbacks?

and then: What if, on demand/accept, if periodical “info-messanges”, telling all contacts perodical “now I am here”, if on, would be send. (In a frequenze that doesn’t harm recources much and only when use of DC, cleaned up data, and agreed)

and then, What if then not show sign of status in avatars?

Would a certain temporary on server stored “are you here, I am here” comunication be possible?

It’s said that the most depending making issue is notification and most burdensome to “ready” to perform all duties for relations. Can an ordinary single email server account serve for such or a huge network required.

May it be for liberating. and harmless inspirations.

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Currently the “last seen” status is updated when you receive a message from someone, even in a group chat. It is also updated when you receive a read receipt.

It’s unlikely to be implemented, because many users have strict limits on the number of sent messages (500 for Gmail or something) and will easily exhaust their limit by enabling this feature. Resource consumption is the least of the problems here, there are many artificial limitations like quotas and spam filters.

There is an experimental DeltaLab client (totally unsupported and unofficial, use at your own risk) by @adbenitez which implements this feature, showing green circles for recently seen contacts: GitHub - adbenitez/deltalab-android: Experimenting with alternative Delta Chat futures

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