List of all know Client Projects


These are the officially endorsed clients. These clients are the most “complete” in terms of functionality.
Except for deltatouch all of them are maintained and published by merlinux.


Official android client, the first app that ever existed for deltachat.


Official desktop client based on electron


Official iOS client

screenshots are from the dark mode, light-mode also exists, depends on you phones system settings, background image is customisable. Also the phone I made those screenshots is set to German, I apologise for that.


Client made with lomiri (ubuntu touch ui framework) for ubuntu touch linux phones

Alternative versions / Forks


client made by adb that has all kinds of tweaks and extra features

Deltachat Lite

smaller version of dc with less features to save space, though main space saver was removing mapbox, which we now have also done it the mainline android client


Clients that are still in an unfinished/prototype state.


based on Qt and Kirigami (KDE’s Convergent UI framwork)


TUI (Terminal User Interface) client based on urwid


native ui based on egui, ui is more slack/discord/rocket-chat like (no message bubbles)

Abandoned Client Projects

Nobody is working or planning to work on those currently.


tauri and based, ui is more slack/discord/rocket-chat like (no message bubbles)

  • fun fact: yes, the name is a pun on the popular product WD-40
  • technical facts:
    • for some reason it used websocket instead of tauri ipc
    • still uses old core that used async_std, so upgrading it to new core would be some work
  • language: rust backend, rust (wasm) frontend
  • author: dignifiedquire, Septias
  • git: GitHub - deltachat/dc40: Experimental deltachat client

OX-COI (Open Exchange - Chat over IMAP)

Flutter client for the OX COI Project, a meanwhile rested project/standard that open exchange tried to make. You might know it from the media coverage back then.


Clients that people have planned to make.

DeltaChat Tauri

An experimental port of deltachat desktop electron to tauri.

  • authors / people working on it: simon
  • status: beginning phase, funded by nlnet, @Simon will do a bigger announcement once the first work is done (in dc tradition we normally do not make many future promises before delivering)

Deltachat KaiOS

  • started as an idea in the forum, is is possible now thanks to jsonrpc
  • fun fact: prototypes of it were the first thing to use the jsonrpc api
  • authors / people that contributed: simon, strukturart, farooqkz
  • status: abandoned, stale (simon plans to revive it)

Not really a client:


repl interface to manually test deltachat core

How to get your client added to the list.

Open a new topic on the forum about your new client with screenshots of it. In it ask/remind us to add it to the list.


wow, this is a great list, thanks @Simon ! Only have a few minor notes but i think it could just go to and we maintain it there.

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