Log out option?

Hello, and forgive me if this seems naive or ignorant, but it appears that Delta Chat app has no “log out/off” option, is this correct? That is, once installed, it is always on? If this is not the case, could someone please direct me how to log out and log in? Thanks!

what do you mean by log out/off?

I mean, sign out of the account. As in, close the app. The app is no longer running in the background, and I have to sign back in to see my messages.

You can do that (delete the app data in the phone settings to “logout”)
But why do you want it not in the background? don’t you want notefications?
Or do you share your device with other people and want privacy?

Maybe a “offline mode” would be nice in the future.

Offline means - stop all background services and don’t receive messages until I click a online button.

This could be realised in the UI with a offline-online toggle.

Why this feature?
Simply to save data transfer and battery without to set the whole phone to offline.

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Exactly, privacy :slight_smile:

Curently you can lock the app with the device password / fingerprint.
We could add a different password if thats helpful (would be a simple feature proposal)

Also android has a multiple accounts feature in the newer versions, so you can create a seperate account for your friends/kids/partner.

Logging in and logging out currently won’t show messages that were sent before the login.

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Thank you for the information! And yes, a separate password feature would be even better! My Samsung does not have the multiple accounts feature, unfortunately.

Wow, the multi account is what I’ve been waiting for so long. I have 4 DC installations on my smartphone and every time I can’t remember which account they use :sweat_smile:

I was refering to androids user accounts.
Multi account in deltachat is discussed over at Multi accounts/profiles support

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I wouldn’t put any toggle to go offline because there WILL be users who put it to offline, forget about it and then complain that they do not get any notifications anymore. I would propose an app like SuperFreezZ which puts other apps offline “from the outside” (well, I am the author and I set the logo as my profile picture because it is the thing on the web I identify with the most).

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well, that will be solved if the last account enabled is locked so users can’t disable all accounts