More useful **chat interaction** setting


Currently, users are not reachable by email, there is only the option to “show emails”.

The new “show emails” option, however, has not been a good fit, neither for closed chat-clients-only user groups, nor the average user that also knows some email contacts. The reas is that it is not actually adjusting the chat reachability, it neither allows to reduce nor expand it as needed in many cases.

I think a slight adaption would improve the “show emails” option a lot for all users. Even without any further customization as designed here,

if “Show emails?” instead becomes:

Who should be allowed to contact you directly in Delta Chat?

  1. Nobody (chats only started by you)
  2. Known contacts (address book and email-approved)
  3. Any contact (beware of spam)

Default: “known contacts”

Above question would not imply any fragmentation in the email-to-chat interaction possibilities of the deltachat users any more.
(The question of email-to-chat interaction could be better solved by some start-chat metrics for email messages. )
Above question would allow any email-visibility option within deltachat to be a question that is properly separated from the interaction decision.

Need some basic explanations about Delta.Chat

full agree


I came accross a new problem, or possibly the perfection possibility :slight_smile: , that above solution would create.

When all incoming, proper chat massages create new chats automacally (according to the selection who is allowed), there should only be very seldom (silent) prompts for emails that almost match the short chat style format.

This could leave room to allow (silent) prompting for proper chat messages from accounts that are not allowed to directly appear in a new chat.

Such prompting for “not to be accepted directly” chat messages could be enabled default, or only optional.

What are your thoughts on the default here? Haveing the prompting enabled, could prevent that new users can totally miss incoming chat messages, e.g. after installing and connecting to an IMAP server that is kept empty (well cleaned up), due to the default to only allow known contacts.