"No DNS resolution result"

Good DC team, developer, user,

Since a while, now the second, third case in row, my person was incapable to get DC run for others on their device, gotten a new email account. Not sure if it’s just a “own” email server issue, or if DC does here a matter.

(Please may one know that an IT dummy approaches here, like always).

some more info would be useful.

Is there a screenshot of the precise error?
Could you provide more details, e.g. the domain you are trying to configure an account on? (don’t need to e-mail address, just the domain part)?
Do other accounts on the same e-mail server work?

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I just tested with my @sangham.net account and setup from scratch works fine. The hosts listed in https://autoconfig.sangham.net/mail/config-v1.1.xml work and configuration finishes immediately.

DNS resolution result is probably a problem with the network you are using. Could you try switching to a different Wi-Fi or use a mobile connection?

Yes, good master Holger,
it sseems to be an issue when a new email is used, yet not used by other clients then DC (before).

Such “often changing of IP” was a thought in regard of the problem as well, yet my person still thinks it might have a share on DC.

[quote=“https://forum.sangham.net/index.php?topic=9887.msg31581#msg31581”]…The DNS error is a separate problem.
I have the impression that DNS errors have become more common worldwide in recent years, which often seems to have to do with IPv6 and IPv4 confusion.
A solution to this might be to tell DeltaChat directly which IP address to connect to instead of “mail.sangham.net”. But I think I would have to change some server configurations to make it possible to use the mail service via direct IP instead of domain name. Not sure how to do that. I will try to find out.[/quote]

Here are as good as no other connections then mobile, good master link2xt, and my person could not switch. But using hotspot and other provider didn’t solve the issue.

I have filed a core issue to workaround this: Built-in DNS cache · Issue #4920 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

Here is the PR adding mail.sangham.net cache result into the app:
feat: hardcode mail.sangham.net into DNS cache by link2xt · Pull Request #4921 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub
With this merged it will be impossible to fail DNS resolution for mail.sangham.net

If you are using new Android, you can try to setup DNS over TLS.
Otherwise you can try to install some DNS app to workaround faulty DNS resolver:

Good master link2xt,

my person sometimes try to give others a chance to stay near the good teachings, offer to use whats given for such, and sometimes there is possibility in the forest. Not at all could there be service in IT issues and if only geeks can make use of it now any more because of total security hysteria instead of virtue … less are those not afraid of the insecurity of the forests where there are no traffic/path guards outwardly.

As for Nyom’s endless care and efforts: much approval for good intention.

My person will of course forward the long time suggested fork ideas for other paths to Nyom @Moritz .

Oh, this is great. Thank you, @link2xt!
I did not know how to do it since I am not familiar with Rust, nor with Java for the Android build and the whole build pipeline.

But it will probably take a while until the next official releases for the various app versions (Android, ios, etc.) until it is in the official app, correct?

I will see if I can make an Android build from this.

We are trying to get Android releases soon, at least testing release beta .apks with this cache are going to be ready this week or so, no real need to build it yourself. And there are some blocker bugs which are the actual reason we are not releasing yet, so I’d not recommend building the latest main branch or using nightlies yet.

I see. Thank you.