Not receiving emails in DC using Zoho

I am using my own domain on Zoho and DeltaChat doesn’t receive any emails that go to Inbox or DeltaChat folders. There are no issues with logging into account, but DC just stays silent when new emails arrive. I have tested it on my other email account hosted on mailcow dockerized server and it works just fine, so I suppose there are some issues with Zoho. The version is 1.12.2 downloaded from f-droid

Have you set up a custom IMAP account?

Maybe you must generate an app-specific IMAP password, too:

The first link is unrelated since it’s about integrating other email services with Zoho via IMAP. I was talking about Zoho’s IMAP itself, which doesn’t need any additional configuration once activated.

Yes I am using app-specific password as well. Both using master password and app password give same result. Again, I don’t have any issues with logging in.

EDIT: actually nevermind, I’ve done some research now and realized that it’s a bug and filled a bug report