Option destktop client: behavior Enter key

Currently in the desktop client the message will sendet by pressing the enter key.

This way I very often I send a message by accident instead insert a new line.

A option for the enter key would be great:

  • send messeage
  • new line

does shift+enter add a new line or it is impossible to start a new line???
if it works, IMO it is more easy to press shift+enter for new line and send with enter, than having to leave the keyboard to press a button with the mouse

Probably it works.
But I write with 10 fingers.
And so I very often I send messages by accident.

I think a global option would be nice.

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Wow yes, a change is really needed here. IMO the established standard for desktop chat applications is to send messages via CTRL+Enter so I think that should really be the default for Delta Chat, too.


Meanwhile this option was added. @webratte can you mark this topic as solved?