Option to set subject line in broadcast list?

Is there an option to set the subject line in a broadcast list for email addresses which do not use DeltaChat? In the search, I saw discussions about this, as well as feature suggestions, but did not see anything definite if something like this had been implemented. Thanks for this good work.


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Hello :wave:,
unfortunately this is not yet available.
I think it would be useful if you could include a topic in DC, not just in broadcast lists.
Maybe iMessage is a good model for how to implement it UI-wise.
This would also make DC more of a replacement for traditional email apps.
On the one hand, that would be practical, since you only need one app. On the other hand, it might convince more people of DC. At least I have the impression that many people would be more willing to test a new mail app than a messenger.
If one suggest a new messenger to them, many simply react annoyed.

most people I know use webmail or the app of their provider, though

iMessage supports subjects? :eyes:
I never noticed that… how can I test it?

Yes, oddly enough one can only set this in iOS and not in macOS.
The subject in the speech bubble is then also displayed in the desktop version.

Einstellungen → Nachrichten → Betreff-Feld anzeigen

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besides setting subject manually per message which would be great in general for all chat types, a broadcast list with a fixed subject could be introduced in the form of a channel type so it is differentiated from the 1:1 chat and the channel name is the message subject

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