Possibility to chose place for downloaded files

Valued Delta-chat team, user, developer,

not to be seen as a personal request, but just as “feedback”, inspiration.

Expected behavior

When downloading thing in a way of storing with structure, one would seek easy ways to save download on their right places. Usually defined paths, and/or possibility to select such in each download case.

Actual behavior

The app seems just to allow (do) a download in system media-folders.

I understand what you say, but the idea is to have a simple application without many configurations,

Total understandable since most leave it to the developers of search engines already, good agutierrez.

But not sure if a additional setting would disturb those who just use it in ways of steam, letting flow. Maybe as setting and lesser as required configuration thought.

Appreciation for telling the original intention, although my person is aware of it and knows well that wishes wouldn’t end, actually making things then more and more complicated.