Proper way to send image to group

(not sure if this should be here or on github core spec… please let me know)

I’m trying to send a jpg as a group message (with php over smtp)
I can send a group text message just fine.
I can send my jpg as a group message just fine… but depending on the client it’s shown as an attachment or as a preview - i want to see the preview.

  • delta chat on android shows the image but not the desktop version (Content-Type: image/jpg)
  • desktop on windows shows the image but not on android (Content-Type: application/octet-stream)
    what is the correct header?

also, both clients do not honour the Date: header for images.
they are shown in order they are received, not in order of the date header.

any help much appreciated,

Hi and welcome,
about the preview or attachment I can’t help.

But about the "order of messages is a current discussion here:

HI Webratte,
yes, i saw that thread - fwiw i think all message should be sorted by the Date: header - but the issue is different here: the client is inconsistent

  • text only messages are ordered by their Date: header
  • text+attachment message are apparently order by their sent/received date.

I didn’t realized this yet.
Thank you.

did some more digging, i think this is a bug in the desktop/android version when image attachment is a jpg. when specifying image/png it works on both android and desktop.