Proposal: logo update


I have voted for the “modern” logo with the uppercase.

But still I believe the logo update is not that important.
It’s always possible to change it later. Maybe on a bigger Version jump. Maybe Version 1.x to 2.

There are currently much more important things to do.
E.G. release version 1.0 :wink:


In my experience it isn’t a good idea to “outsource” specific design decisions to a public poll. My goal was to either gain support and trust by putting forth what I regard an improvement – or – not. And that’s fine, too. It saves me an incredible amount of extra effort to know this right from the start.

Thanks for showing your support though! :blush:


my biggest concern about the current logo is that it’s too similar to whatsapp’s one…
so how about doing something in between of the original and the new proposed one by @mray ?
at least I would get rid of the white outer part and the border around it, which make it that much like whatsapp’s one
and I would make some general changes to make it more material like (as deltachat desktop goes into the direction of material design too)