Rejecting an adding to chat or delete from list if not using delta-chat

Valued delta-chat team, developers, user,

my person wonders if one could reject, having been added to a list, and not using app: info on how to reject in an initial email given (if there is even an initial email). And if added, how is it thought, for one not using the app, to be able to leave a group.

(My person guesses he might have possible “spamed” others by adding them to lists.)

Having made maybe many burdens for others with adding them to a chat, and surely most annoyed, my person has somehow the idea that, if not having the app, one could hardly “unsubscribe” and the only way to possible avoid unwshed mail-flooding would be blocking the sender as spam, right?

Musing and tesing, my person, after being clear of the “horribly” situation, his fault to break a primary email rule (long list of receicer-addresses, mass mail), thought it would be very needed to have such as

  • a initial invitation mail (maybe single receiver possible) and no mails from the group unlesd send a confirmation email.
  • a fix signature of the group with info, at least “group yx” and “leave group” possibility by sending “leave group xy”

on his way Atma thought on invitation, more public, again, by sending a certain header “Join group xy”. But to whom? A group admin (initial creator), maybe.