Resettings / Settings

I guess this regards all client types - at least Android 1.14.5 / Portable 1.13.1:

I miss some settings and corresponding functions:

  • adjustable poll time settings
    e.g. fix mode: every 10sec to 24 hours
    or auto mode: currently less usage: every 2 hours
    active usage: every 10 sec

    idea: not to attack my email provider if not needed
            (imagine you will reach a million users and more and create billion requests)
    howto: maybe a glider in the UI settings dialog
  • as of above: a manual refresh button

    idea: no need to change the poll time settings for an intermediate poll
    howto:   probably a button in the right upper corner in the main panel
  • security I:

    logout/exit button plus option not to store password

    idea: on every app/desktop start  I have to reeenter my password
  • security II:

    a button that lets me easily renew all settings and keys.

     3 modes: 
        all but not login credentials/settings
        all but not login credentials/settings and contacts
        [+ missing export/import contacts options as with keys]
     idea: after test and trial (or as of security) I want simply start from scratch with fresh keys
              and share it to friends (again).
  • IMAP folder setting I

    a button so I can create the special chat folder again
    or if the option is set to move to delta chat folder than if it does not exist create it again

    idea: I have deleted for trial and dont want install app again to get it back
           or only because I changed my mind in that case.
           (I forgot how the folder is named/written into the email server so 
            I couldnt manually add it)
  • IMAP folder setting II

      button to empty special chat folder only at once 
      (but only and only this one folder for sure)
         idea: safety delete option and for clean start
  • UI

    for a better disctinction

    1:1 chat symbol: O a circle as is
    group chat symbol: [ ] a square instead of the circle

  • and android (only):
    copy login data as in the desktop version to all advanced login fields

  • and yes to:
    hopefully a portable apps platform version (paf.exe)

Thanks for this great app/work

Normally DC should just keep one socket connection open and do an IMAP IDLE (server responds on new messages, so there is no polling AFAIK). So I guess you either have a bug or this is would only be useful once we implement pop3 support.

Same as above it should be automatic, but a manual refresh / reconnect button could be useful. (because we had problems where the imap idle was stuck/dead after standby or network failure)

We already had such proposals, point is that your messages and config are stored locally inside of the accounts db. We plan to encrypt the local db in the future, unless it’s encrypted it makes not much sense to password protect it.


I’m not sure what you mean with “a button to change settings” .
Importing external/existing keys of contacts, creating a new key while keeping the old key for decryption and so on are definitely things we should do IMO.

Is it not created again automatically when needed? (if not I would declare that as bug and suggest filing it on Issues · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub)

For the future: Please don’t do a multiple Feature Proposals in one. Just create a Feature Proposal for each Topic after checking that it doesn’t already exist.
And if it already exists, feel free to add your opinion to it. :wink:

Unfornutalely I dont know how you formatted my post for answering that nicely, so here are my answers in an unfashion way, to respond quickly:

TO adjustable poll time settings
I havent seen it in that technical view (call it connection time if you want)
but the thing behind is:
I dont need necessarily be connected all the time but peridically. Personally and also as said:
Do you really want that the mail provider keeps such a lot connections open
(I could really imagine your clients will rise soon to a million downloads)
And your answer TO as of above: a manual refresh button
does confirm it somehow: problems where imap idle was stuck/dead)
Example setting is than vice versa:
Let me config a connection time, e.g. stay connected every 10min for 2 minutes
than disconnect or something like “intelligent-auto-connect-mode”:
while extensive chatting the connection is auto extended for further 2 minutes. But when there is no chatting then connections expires and reconnects as configured.
And to mention it:
You yourself remember in your docs it is a system based on widespread good “old” email-infrastructure and not a realtime-messaging-architecture.

TO security I: logout/exit button plus option not to store password
Explanation is clearly written in the idea section: see there.
Other words: its not about password protection/encryption.
It is about like a normal email client with the option setting that I have to reenter my
imap password on every startup. Nothing else. This is totally independant of any encryption.
and for the the login/exit button is the same:
Safely unconnect from the server and CLOSE all sockets on the device (and implicit server). And especially on Android: Fully close the app (even background tasks).

TO security II: a button that lets me easily renew all settings and keys
Explanation is clearly written in the idea section: see there.
Other words: a reset button as if a fresh install without the need to reinstall app/desktop

TO IMAP folder setting I
Ok than its a bug and officially announced here

TO For the future:
I do what I can. All regards more or less to the main topic set to “resetting and settings” dialog. See it as another approach how feedback is done and written to the public.


  • IMAP folder setting II
  • UI symbols
  • Android(only)
  • Portable App


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