"Send" and "Really send"

On 29.03.23 um 12:01 wrote Gerry via Delta.Chat:

My suggestion: Think twice and doublecheck every message before you send it.

This is my current habbit when using email. Have you tried to do this
within the tiny edit box of delta chat?

Perhaps I should have started the thread with asking for a
preview feature since, as I can see now, what I have asked
for prompts only controversy.


I just wanted to explain that people easily get used to things they always do, like tapping the send button twice for every message in a hurry, and then find out that they missed something important to add or to correct, that is why this implementation would fail its mission in practice.

I welcome your idea to enlarge the text field and (maybe?) lay it over the rest of the screen while writing the message. I have heard that the devs are collecting ideas for an updated UI/UX, so your suggestion might suit pretty well to this project, and I am sure your voice will be heard among many others…

Edit: There is something wrong with quotes in here, I apologize…