Send copy to self not working - bug or messages caught by spam filter?

I have “send copy to self” selected but my messages don’t get sent to myself. Not the sent folder or the inbox folder.

I have had trouble with my email provider filtering my messages as spam in the past, so that is one possibility that’s on my radar.

Is there an easy way to verify that delta chat has actually attempted to send a copy to imap? Would this be logged somewhere?

I have not verified it but I may have discovered the solution. I was using a custom smtp server that forwarded my emails over the pstn as texts. This custom smtp server must not have checked for bcc recipients, which I have learned is how “send copy to self” is implemented currently.

See Why not copy to sent folder? - #6 by rkd

So no bug in delta chat, although I still propose the option to copy via imap as discribed in that thread.