Send Location does not work


I am wondering how this should work? I activated it in the advanced options and if I tap on the map icon in a chat I come to the map of the sea at N0 and E0 coordinates but nothing happens. I gave permission to access GPS, but GPS is not activated by DeltaChat, so DeltaChat does not get my position. Other apps activate the GPS by themselves and I see a GPS icon in the status bar. This icon does not appear when I activate Location Share. I use it on a Samsung S7 with Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2).


you have to click the “attach button” in a chat and select “location”. here you can select a time period; your locations is then send to to all members of the chat for the selected period.

again, please note that this is an experimental feature and has some known issues.


It is an interesting feature and I want to test it. Now I found it! I did not search under attachment for it, I thought it would be all at the map symbol … thanks for the hint!


the ui on this will probably change, this is a known issue :slight_smile: