Send location only one time Android V.0.301

In the current Play store version you released the “location streaming” option.

Is it also possible to send only one time the current location?

Thank you in advance


currently, it is a steaming option.

to keep things simple, for now, we’ve disabled the “once” option which would introduce different problems, eg. we have to wait for the gps signal, delay message until it is there etc.

but if we’ve stabilized ux questions, it might be that there will be a “once” option. also maybe an option to send any location. there are tons of ideas :slight_smile:


OK, thank you, I thought I translated “once”. It seems it was not a dream :wink:

Send once would be really great to me.
I personally would use it more often then streaming.

But as a workaround I can send my current location for 5 minutes.

What is that option doing, and how is it used?

Onetime location? Thats just sharing your current location with no updates, until you send a new one.
“Like you can share an image you can share a single location.” - I would say.
Was that your question?


Sorry, I referred to that new “location streaming” option.
Have not seen any info about what it does nor how it’s used.

It sends your location in a group continuously, you turn it on and then you phone sends its location to the group you turned it on like every 5 min or so. WhatsApp and Telegram have a similar live share feature, though for DC users there’ll be some extra functions like you can see the messages/pictures on the map to determine where there were taken. It could be used for geo based Roleplay games, risky activist operations or just to meetup with your friends while no location was provided or you could location stream your travel for your colleagues to inform them where you currently are, that they can estimate how long you still need. I think there are many use-cases.
That you not seen it might be that you don’t have enabled to see it on android - as far as I know it’s still an experimental function that need to be unlocked in the settings before it’s shown.

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Thank you for explaining.
Do you know where the received location data is distributed to (e.g. fetched map tiles)?

We currently use for creating the map, their were thoughts of using OSM data directly, though I don’t know the exact state. ( Mapbox works right now and we currently don’t want to implement our own mapView with zooming and panning and stuff)

just wondering if there are a way to use mapbox with offline tiles, so the maps for country or place “X” is downloaded once and then it can be used offline, like in

The new maps feature looks really interesting, but for people in slow/paid networks the maps just don’t works, is taking forever to load and drained my money :frowning:


I’m thinking that you could do like in
They use offline tiles downloaded from (I think)

Or maybe find out a way to handle GPS info from external apps like OsmAnd

Ok, besides that it requires online map traffic and will not work for users with low-traffic pricing plans.

What are the UI elements that you see, how to turn on and off the sending of “on-demand location data” to a contact, a chat, all chats?, or even requesting it from others? Is it triggered silently in the background automatically?

i guess in may/june we get to blog about itmore – for now it has been silently introduced as an advanced opt-in feature and there is a lot of testing and changes happening this week. Current state is, also UX wise, rough and geared towards particular user groups we are working with, and a kind of a roleplaying game played out this sunday in kyiv.


Ok, thanks for the answer. I know there is probably a list of more important and basic major Usage-Problems to target.

maybe we can make the map server selectable and the map downloadble from the selected server. You cubans could spin of mapservers on the local networks like snet.